For a number of years my weight has gone up and then has come down. To put it another way, I had a 42 inch waist in my pants that got too tight when I gained weight then had to be altered to 44 inch waists. Then when I lost weight, they needed to be altered again to 40 or 42 inch waists. Having this problem of ‘let out’ and ‘take up’ helps you get acquainted with a good seamstress. Because I have needs like this, I’m glad that I met Trang Nguyen. She has helped me immensely and I recommend her to you!
–Ben Johnson

As a woman my need for alterations varies. One time it is 8 or 10 curtains that are too long and they need to be hemmed; another time it is tops or slacks that needed to be altered. Sometimes I have tears that need to be rewoven. Over the past few years I have used Nguyen’s Alterations to great advantage.
–Nandina Baird